Black History: Red~White~Blue

Inspiration: Identity is frequently fluid, forming and reforming the more we come to know about ourselves. When PBS aired a number of programs about the Human Genome Project in 2005, I was intrigued.

I could now discover some DNA answers to identity questions of where we, our family, and therefor I, really came from. I learned that my DNA is 60~20~20.

60% African

20% Native American

20% European

100% Spirit   ~~  100% Human  ~~   100% Living  ~ Loving  ~ Learning  ~ Exploring  ~ Life!

Those answers confirmed early family stories of growing up in the border state of Kentucky. They also caused me to ask even more DNA questions …

Play poem below.


The challenge with questions is,once we start asking them there always seems to be one more.

As my internal tribe ~began to dialogue, inside~a spiritual question came alive~

Play poem below.


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