In honor of our election

Inspiration: I sat inspired by the millions of us who turned out to vote in our presidential election. I, like many, struggled to find the right words to describe the moment. It was on the new day of November 5th that this poem flowed from my soul:

Just for one day

A poem to honor the election of president-elect Barack Obama

Just for one day, let  me breath in the hope that this moment holds, let me feel the evolution in a country’s soul.

Tomorrow will dawn with a blaring white light, showing all the problems that led to this one historic night…

Those are the beginning lines of the poem. You can hear the complete poem below. I hope it helps you reconnect with your unique and special moments during this historic election.

When the hope starts to fade in the days to come. When the challenges begin. When you need to reconnect, I invite you to come back and listen to this poem again and again.

Play poem below.

Just For One Day

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